Healing YOU at Home

Home visits available – Cheshire, Merseyside & surrounding areas.

Have YOU ever been for a really nice relaxation appointment and felt that driving home afterwards just brought YOU back to earth too soon…?

I have so many clients that love to be left feeling so relaxed after their healing session that they can drift off into a peaceful sleep from the comfort of their own home.

I am happy to come to YOU and give YOU a beautiful Angelic Healing session to leave YOU completely calm and relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

Why not book a beautiful, gentle healing session to balance your chakras, release & let go of anything and everything that no longer serves your highest good.

Negative energy sits in our aura and in our home as Electromagnetic Stress. It is as important to cleanse our personal living / working space in addition to our individual energy field / aura.

For an additional cost I am also available to clear your home of any and all negative energy sat holding on to your living space keeping YOU in a low vibration.

Appointments Available * Click on the link below to learn more*

Cheshire, Merseyside & surrounding areas for home visits. *Mileage costs apply 10miles+

I am also available ‘Online’ to support YOU wherever YOU are too 😇

Angelic Reiki Healing

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