Usui Reiki Training – ALL levels

Hi Angels

Would YOU like to learn the ancient art of Traditional Usui Reiki Healing…?

I love to teach Reiki, as a Reiki Master Teacher and Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 15 years’ experience, it is an absolute pleasure and a privilege to pass on such powerful self-healing energy to those who wish to share their healing gifts with those who need it most too.

My personal Reiki journey began by learning Level One Reiki for my own self-healing. This was absolutely life changing for me. I have never been so grateful for the wonderful tools to manage my own emotions ever since! Today, I am blessed to be able to share all of my spiritual healing skills to YOU in my monthly Reiki Training Courses

Did YOU know…..

Even if YOU don’t want to become a Reiki practitioner YOU can still learn Reiki Level One to help soothe your ‘self, your family, friends, pets, plants, food and water…?’

When YOU look after someone special at home it can really take its toll on YOU too.

Having the gift of Reiki Level One, not only can YOU use it for your own self-healing, but YOU can also soothe your loved ones too.

Today, I love to teach all 3 levels of Reiki, as a UNIQUE offering, I also offer Reiki Level One for ‘Parents and Carers’ and a Reiki ‘Refresher’ Course.

I AM running Reiki Training every first weekend of the month at my fabulous new ‘Happy Healing Hut’ surrounded by idyllic Shropshire countryside. Barn Cottage, SY11 4FS

Reiki Level One which includes Animal Reiki £150

Reiki Level Two £200

Master Teacher £250

Reiki for Parents & Carers £150

Reiki Refresher (any level) £100

Choose which course suits YOU personally so far and lets agree a date to suit YOU to get YOU where YOU want to be on your Reiki Journey too.

Dont miss out on this incredible training, it was life changing for me and it can be for YOU and your

family too…



YOU Matter xx YOU are Worthy xx YOU Deserve to be Happy xx