Would YOU like to be a happier, healthier YOU?

Is it time to for YOU to stop smoking, but YOU struggle to kick the habit?

I offer Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Sessions especially designed to suit YOU. No two people are the same, so no one solution will suit all people or all problems.

My Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Sessions are very successful because I always take the time to make sure I understand YOU and your personal reasons for smoking and for wanting to STOP!

Your subconscious mind is very clever, it knows exactly what YOU need – do YOU? Hypnotherapy is not a magic wand, YOU have to really want to change from the inside out. Once YOU make the decision to STOP smoking your body will follow, but only if YOU allow it to.

Believe in YOU like I believe in YOU and together we can make a difference. The choice is yours and once YOU have decided, that’s where I can help YOU make it your reality

Would YOU like to learn the ancient art of Reiki Healing? Did YOU know Reiki Level One is for your personal self healing? It is also a fabulous way of helping to soothe your loved ones, friends and family, pets, food, plants and water!

Have YOU already started your Reiki path and feel ready to move up to Level Two to become a practitioner?

Perhaps YOU attended your training a long time ago and only need a refresher course.. Reiki never leaves YOU, so YOU do not need to start again. It’s amazing how many people have repeated the training unnecessarily – I was one of them too!

Maybe YOU are at Level Two and are looking at becoming a Reiki Master Teacher? How exciting!

I would love to be your Reiki Master Teacher, it is an absolute privilege to be part of your Reiki journey and your chosen Teacher. Reiki is a such a wonderful gift to be able to share with YOU and your love ones.

I offer Usui Reiki training at all levels PLUS a refresher and a separate course for parents and carers looking to soothe their children or elderly.

I am so excited to be sharing my fabulous ‘Miracle Mindset & Hypno-band Weight Loss Program’ with YOU

All in perfect timing for the Xmas Party invites and those winter holidays we’ve all missed so much

Do YOU want to have a healthy relationship with yourself and your body?

Are YOU ready to lose those extra unwanted lockdown Lbs…?

Do YOU want to fit in to that little black number this Xmas..?

Are YOU booking your winter holiday soon?

Have YOU decided its time to get your body back..?

Are YOU ready to let go of your emotional weight?

Great, well done – YOU are half way there already!

I am happy help YOU to look and feel like YOU again, without depriving yourself, going to the gym, calorie counting and weighing foods you don’t enjoy eating!

YOU have to release the weight from your mind before it will fall off your body. Allow me to show YOU how to love

YOU too!

YOU Matter 😇 YOU are Important 😇 YOU are worthy

I am delighted to open ‘The Healing Hut’ for all your Hypnotherapy & Healing needs

Angelic Healing has moved to Colwyn Bay, located in the most Idyllic grounds of Rydal Penrhos Private School New Field Pavilion. I am so excited to see YOU in person again, my new therapy space is perfect for all of my services.

Appointments now available daytime, evenings and weekends – *depending on availability

Location: The Healing Hut, Rydal Penrhos Schhol, New Field Pavilion, Walshaw Road, Colwyn Bay, LL29 7YA