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Equine & Animal Reiki for YOU & your four legged friends

Equine & Animal Reiki: Where Harmony Blossoms in the Heart of Shropshire

Nestled amidst the emerald meadows and rolling hills of Shropshire, lies a sanctuary for healing, peace, and deeper connection: Equine & Animal Reiki. Here, we celebrate the profound bond between YOU and your beloved animal companions, nurturing both their wellbeing and yours through the gentle yet powerful practice of Reiki.

Beyond Horse Reiki: A Holistic Embrace for All Creatures

While equine Reiki is our cornerstone, our embrace extends to animals of all shapes and sizes. Whether YOU have a majestic horse, a playful dog, a cuddly cat, or any other furred (or feathered) friend, we offer a tailored journey to wellness just for them.

Your Sanctuary Awaits: A Tranquil Setting for Healing

Imagine your horse grazing peacefully in our secure space, bathed in the golden glow of the Shropshire sun feeling safe, calm and relaxed after their  Reiki session. With total peace of mind Inside our cozy log cabin, you can then also unwind and de-stress enjoying the beautfiul Reiki healing energy for YOU too.

Unlocking Harmony: Benefits for Both You and Your Animal

The transformative power of Reiki can bring a wealth of benefits to both YOU and your furry (or feathered) friend:

  • Reduced stress and anxiety for both human and animal, fostering a calmer and more harmonious bond.
  • Improved emotional wellbeing, easing anxieties and allowing your animal to feel safe and loved.
  • Pain relief and physical healing, supporting your animal’s recovery from injuries or chronic conditions.
  • Deeper connection between YOU and your animal, strengthening your bond and understanding.
  • A shared sense of calm and peace, allowing YOU both to de-stress and reconnect with nature.

More Than Just a Session: Building a Partnership for Lasting Wellbeing

I believe that true healing begins long before the first Reiki session. That’s why I tailor each experience to your unique needs and goals. Through a free 15 minute chemistry call I will listen to your story and create a personalised treatment plan that resonates with both YOU and your beloved animal.

Meet Your Guide: A Passionate Advocate for Animal Wellbeing

I am a dedicated animal lover and Reiki practitioner with a profound understanding of the intricate dance between human and animal emotions. My passion lies in guiding YOU and your companion on a journey towards shared harmony and optimal wellbeing.

Ready to Embark on Your Journey?

Contact me today to learn more about how Equine & Animal Reiki can help YOU and your beloved animal companion blossom into your most vibrant selves. Let’s unlock the power of Reiki together, in the heart of the tranquil Shropshire countryside.

  • Book your free 15minute chemistry call and discover the path to deeper harmony..
  • Follow me on social media for inspiring stories and insights into the world of animal Reiki.
  • Become a Reiki Master for Animals: Immerse yourself in comprehensive training programs designed to empower YOU to offer Reiki to animals and share this transformative practice with others.

I AM  fully insured offering flexible appointment times and even the option for in-home sessions for your ultimate convenience.

Choose from a range of Reiki sessions to Reiki Training courses to find the perfect fit for your individual needs.

As you embark on this journey, remember that the greatest benefit of all lies in the deepening connection you’ll forge with your beloved animal companion. Together, YOU can unlock a world of peace, understanding, and shared joy, all nurtured by the magic of Reiki in the heart of Shropshire.

Barn Cottage, Rednal, Oswestry SY11 4FS

Client Feedback

Michelle is excellent at picking up a person’s energy which enables her to read the emotions which one may be feeling. She has an empathic approach which makes you feel completely relaxed and understood, and I feel that this insight, along with her knowledge and experience are what makes a visit to this lovely, warm therapist and person worthwhile. She has helped me get through an extremely difficult time emotionally, and shown me ways to deal with my stress, which came about through transference of working within mental health. Thank you so much Michelle!

I went to see Michelle at Angelic Healing for some Reiki.  I knew I had trapped energy that needed shifting and every session since has been incredible.  So much so that (thanks to Michelle) I’m now trained to Usui Reiki Level 1 and soon to be Level 2.

With Michelle’s guidance and support I was able to put some structure around my healing and make huge strides towards a complete pain free and healthy life.

Michelle has kept me on track and with her vast knowledge and experience has helped guide me in the right direction.

I would urge anyone who is on or is starting their own healing journey  then I would strongly recommend Angelic Healing.

I first met Michelle at an event last year, her positive energy, enthusiasm and knowledge took me away, I instantly felt very comfortable with her and knew she was the right person to explore reiki treatments with.

My confidence levels were low, I wasn’t sleeping well and felt anxious. Michelle instantly made me feel at ease and explained how reiki worked. I now have regular treatments for myself and my mare and feel so much better, its like being on a journey and each time I get a little closer to where I want to be.

Michelle, you are one amazing lady, thank you xx