Hi angels 😇

If YOU are stuck for those last minute Mothers Day gifts why not treat your lovely Mum to an Angelic Healing Gift Voucher to the value of your choice 🥰

Gift vouchers are an excellent idea for those that YOU would love to treat but not sure what to buy or what therapy to choose 🥰

What better treat than the gift of a self care session 🙌

Gift vouchers may be used forHypnotherapy, Angelic Reiki Healing, Reiki Training, Equine Reiki. Weight Loss, Smoking & Alcohol Cessation Hypnotherapy, Emotional Guidance & EFT (emotional Freedom Tapping) Wellbeing Workshops 😇

Order and receive your copy via email with plenty of time for Mothers Day ✨


Your Mum Matters 🤗Your Mum is Worthy 🥰Your Mum Deserves to be Happy too 😍

Another Happy Angel 😇

Emotional & Spiritual Guidance Sessions Combined with Angelic Reiki Healing £50 🤗😇🙌

Joining into the world of Angelic Healing, I haven’t looked back since. Welcomed with open arms & a friendly embrace, every one of my needs are nurtured & met, every single time. I have never left a session with Michelle feeling the same way I came in, I always leave feeling like a new person & so much more positive. Her gentle & warm energies make it impossible to remain tense & I feel a sense of complete safety when in session. Highly recommend!!

The most beautiful experience from start to finish, you won’t be disappointed!! Such a wonderful woman who has a fierce passion with her profession, I cannot thank & recommend her enough! With the fairest prices & such enjoyable experiences that you really won’t forget, I highly recommend making a booking! Thank you Michelle, for all that you do & have done! Cannot wait for our next Emotional Guidance session!!

Thank YOU so much for taking the time to leave me such a beautiful personal review 🙏🙏🤗

It is always such an incredible pleasure to see such amazing transformations taking place during every Angelic Healing session 🥰


Hi Angels,

I love my new Healing space, it has been a labour of love and came with its fair share of challenges over the Xmas / New Year period.😍🥹😇

The Happy Hut is made from natural Larch trees from the local timber yard. Lovingly created and worth every second of the build, I cant wait to share it with YOU 🌳🤗🙌

The perfect location for all your Emotional & Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapy & Reiki Training needs.


YOU Matter 🤗YOU are Worthy 🥰YOU are always Enough 😍YOU Deserve to be Happy 😘


I AM so excited to launch my monthly events, courses and workshops at my fabulous new healing space in Oswestry.

YOU can find them all under the Events Tab or on the home page. It is easy to follow, full of useful information, easy to book and exciting to look forward to too!

YOU will find me at my beautiful Happy Healing Hut for all your individual Hypnotherapy & Healing needs. All my services are listed in the Toolbox Tab and on my home page too.

I look forward to seeing YOU either in person or online in a group or 1:1 very soon. In the meantime remember to be kind to YOU!

YOU Matter YOU are Worthy YOU Deserve to be Happy!!

Such a pleasure to receive such wonderful feedback from my beautiful Emotional Weight Loss Clients.

It is always amazing to see the transformation, not just in weight loss results – there is so much joy in seeing how happy and just how high their energy and vibration shifts throughout the program.

Its absolute honour to teach Self Love and Healing techniques as part of this extremely popular program.

Check out the details and give me a shout if YOU have any questions x

Release & ‘Let Go’ of Excess Weight – Mentally, Physically & Emotionally!!

Hi Michelle,

It’s E*** from the wellbeing day on Saturday! I just wanted to send a message to say thank you for your wonderful talk on emotional guidance. I found it very eye opening, reassuring and comforting. I’m now able to view my emotions from a different perspective and understand much better how to deal with the negative spiral of emotions. I found relief in the guided meditation, so I will definitely be using this technique more often. Thank you so much again.

It was so lovely to meet you.

Kind regards,

E xxx


Why YOU Matter …

Join me for my monthly ‘Let’s Talk About YOU’ events, learning how to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy’ with my series of Self-Love Lessons – building a toolbox for self healing especially for YOU x

We are all busy people, and quite often put others needs before our own. Most of us are last on our own list and get into the habit of battling through and ignoring our body as it cries out for attention.

YOU are a human being, but are you a well-being…? Discover how living in an emotional state of fear effects your mind and body. How your thoughts and words reach your inner child, and how negative emotions manifest as ailments and disease – a body not at ‘ease’ in later life. YOU are your well-being!

Topics covered in rotation:

  • Why YOU Matter  
  • Emotional Guidance 
  • Limiting Beliefs 
  • Positive Affirmations
  • Release & Forgive
  • Relax & Reset 
  • Manifest your Miracle Mindset 
  • Tap Your Negative Emotions Away (EFT session) 
  • A Colourful Journey Through the Chakras 

YOU Matter, YOU are Important, YOU are Worthy, YOU are Enough & YOU Deserve to be Happy too!

Tickets £25 per session – 1.5 hours self-love workshops 

*This is a Monthly Online Event starting Thursday 16th February 2023 via Zoom


Another happy angel 😇

If YOU are serious about ‘releasing’ and ‘letting go’ of your excess weight 🤔

I AM very serious about helping YOU look and feel good Mentally, Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually 🥰

Release the weight of the world from your mind so that YOU can look and feel fabulous inside and out 😍

Ask me how to teach YOU to “Think & Heal Yourself Happy” too 😇

Call Michelle 07584 323620 or visit my website for further information TODAY

Release & ‘Let Go’ of Emotional Weight Gain

There are so many challenges around us and coming towards us over the next few months. All of which creating additional stress and anxiety playing havoc with our well-being.

Being in state of fear weakens our immune system, it quickens our breath often creating cortisol which triggers food cravings and is also a stress hormone prone to sitting on our tummy.

It is very difficult to begin a new habit from a place of fear, as we don’t feel motivated or have a strong sense of self belief or even feel like we have control over our thoughts and feelings.

When we ‘lose’ something it is a natural instinct to want and need to find it again, making weight loss feel like a struggle against our own instincts and intentions.

If YOU are ready to release and ‘let go’ of your excess weight and become calmer, in control, and aware of your emotions, I am ready to help YOU get slim, healthy and happy in the process.

I am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Teacher Healer with a HUGE toolbox of wonderful techniques. I am passionate about supporting YOU with your Emotional Well-Being and Self Worth.

Join me for my Release & ‘Let Go’ of Emotional Weight Gain Program and let’s get YOU feeling and looking fantastic whilst learning how to “Think & Heal Yourself Happy”

Click on the link below for more details

Release & ‘Let Go’ of Emotional Weight Gain

Home visits available – Cheshire, Merseyside & surrounding areas.

Have YOU ever been for a really nice relaxation appointment and felt that driving home afterwards just brought YOU back to earth too soon…?

I have so many clients that love to be left feeling so relaxed after their healing session that they can drift off into a peaceful sleep from the comfort of their own home.

I am happy to come to YOU and give YOU a beautiful Angelic Healing session to leave YOU completely calm and relaxed in the comfort of your own home.

Why not book a beautiful, gentle healing session to balance your chakras, release & let go of anything and everything that no longer serves your highest good.

Negative energy sits in our aura and in our home as Electromagnetic Stress. It is as important to cleanse our personal living / working space in addition to our individual energy field / aura.

For an additional cost I am also available to clear your home of any and all negative energy sat holding on to your living space keeping YOU in a low vibration.

Appointments Available * Click on the link below to learn more*

Cheshire, Merseyside & surrounding areas for home visits. *Mileage costs apply 10miles+

I am also available ‘Online’ to support YOU wherever YOU are too 😇

Angelic Reiki Healing

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