Human beings have evolved since we arrived on the planet as cavemen and women. We are no longer living in caves or have to hunt our food with our bare hands and a spear.

We no longer have to worry about being chased by a Saber Tooth Tiger or a lion and have many more choices made available to us for our entertainment and education.

However, the human body has not evolved with those modern-day changes in respect of how it reacts to hunger, fear, pain, joy or the need for connection, support & community.

We are all still cavemen walking around in modern day clothes, with our gadgets for communication, in supermarkets for of fancy food choices. We are surrounded by convenience for our comfort and can survive without leaving our individual houses with amazon deliveries! We miss the security and safety of our community.

When we were cavemen running from being ‘hunted’ by the Lion, once it had passed, we would have returned to being calm and in control looking for our next meal and becoming the ‘Hunter’ We would then return to our ‘tribe’ and share the feast with the community, feeling safe and a sense of belonging would help us to feel secure.

Today, the lion is now our boss, piers, social media, the news, our partners, children and our never-ending pressures and responsibility. Otherwise known as “Stress”.

When we are stressed, we are in resistance which is a fear-based emotion – just as cavemen were whilst being hunted by a lion!

Fear causes the body to automatically protect itself, this triggers our Fight, Flight, Freeze response. Whilst in Fight Flight our blood is directed to our head to keep us alert, able to keep ahead of the lion until the danger has passed and then the body will return to a more relaxed state and fear is replaced by peace / joy / love.

Unfortunately, today our responsibilities and expectations do not always pass and many of us remain ‘stuck’ in stress / Fight Flight. During this long period of fear our organs are being deprived of the oxygen in our blood cells and we are not able to function at 100% as we do not have the same ‘energy’ flow in our body to take care of our ‘well-being’ – causing overwhelm, exhaustion and is usually followed by illness.