YOU Can Tap into Your Emotions – 3 Step Program


Step 1

Emotional Guidance Questionnaire & Coaching

The initial step is designed to establish your emotional scores around a series of questions. The questionnaire opens discussion around your feelings towards your situation. This helps to make the sessions more tailored to your individual needs

Coaching to explain the mind body connection to allow you to understand your  personal thought patterns / default settings and your self -talk.

A detailed introduction to the Emotional Guidance Scale will enable you to tap into how you are feeling and to use the scale as a life skill tool going forward


Step 2

Self-Care & Breath Work

This session provides a detailed explanation of how important our breath and self-care is to our well-being. A full demonstration and practice session around how to breathe properly during each technique is also covered

By the end of this session, you will have learned 3 individual breathing techniques which can be carried out ‘on the go’ and / or at bedtime / first thing / during times of difficulty

The session ends with a relaxation meditation to leave you feeling calm and rested



Step 3

Positive Mindset Reframing

This session gives a deeper insight into our emotions triggered by our thoughts and the language we use to ourselves

Our thoughts shape our feelings and are actions. We can change our feelings by being aware of our thoughts and our self-talk

We will be covering the power of I AM, journaling and how to raise our energy

By the end of this session you will be more conscious of your  thoughts and words and have a more positive outlook toward your own well-being

Following all 3 sessions YOU will have the tools to manage your emotions contributing to your personal health and well-being


Available as a group program for organisations or as private, individual bookings. ‘online’ and ‘In Person’ Colwyn Bay. Conwy, North Wales and surrounding areas

Payment Terms available for large group bookings.