Why YOU Matter …

Join me for my monthly ‘Lets Talk About YOU’ event, learning how to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy’ with my series of Self-Love Lessons – especially for YOU x

We are all busy people, and quite often put others needs before our own. Most of us are last on our own list, and get into the habit of battling through and ignoring our body as it cries out for attention.

YOU are a human being, but are you a well-being…? Discover how living in an emotional state of fear effects your mind and body. How your thoughts and words reach your inner child, and how negative emotions manifest as ailments and disease – a body not at ‘ease’ in later life. YOU are your well-being!

YOU Matter, YOU are Important, YOU are Worthy, YOU are Enough & YOU Deserve to be Happy too!

Tickets £20

*This is an Online Event via Zoom

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