Mind Body Connection

Did you know the moment you have a thought, your mind will give you an instant vision and your body will match the thought and vision with a matching emotion….

Thoughts create feelings which will then impact your actions…

Close your eyes: Take a deep breath, just go within for a moment and focus.

Keeping your eyes closed:

  • What does your front door look like?
  • What does your cared for look like?
  • What colour is your bedroom / bathroom?
  • Imagine the face of someone you love or loved dearly
  • Think about how long we have been dealing with Covid, being locked down
  • Imagine Covid has now gone, it is summertime, the lockdown has lifted, we can see our friends and family, we can go outside. The sun is beautiful, the skies are blue, the nights are lighter for longer, the streets are full of children playing. The gardens are in full-bloom We are safe, we are free, we can breathe once more. It feels amazing to be able to see people again.

*Take a moment to really tap into that feeling, smile, take a breath. When you are ready open your eyes

When we read a book, we image the characters the scenes – if the book becomes a film it can be disappointing as our imagination is vivid and very capable of taking us anywhere the mid is willing to go

We are all able to visualise and visit a happy feeling thought without leaving our seats.

If we choose unhappy thoughts, we will experience unhappy feelings, if we give the thought momentum we will continue to think and feel unhappy

If we choose happy thinking thoughts, we will experience happy feelings too!

We can always Choose again…

Negative thoughts disrupt the body’s energy flow, if not released they will manifest over time as an ailment.


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