Are YOU an Exhausted Key Worker?

If YOU have landed on this page, then the chances are you’re probably a key worker.

First of all, allow me to begin by saying a huge thank YOU & well done.

At the start of 2020, we had no idea how much pressure would be placed on our key workers to keep some sense normality of life for everyone else. We all thought it would only be a few months, but as time marches on, we have relied more and more on our incredible key workers who are selflessly supporting others from 2020, throughout 2021 and now in to 2022!

So, my question is who is looking after YOU?

Every day you are working incredibly hard to keep people safe, secure and loved, but are YOU feeling safe, supported and nurtured? Do YOU have your life jacket on too?

We often talk about putting ourselves first, but for many, this is something which is easier said than done. Particularly with so many people relying on you for support. We also deplete our personal energy supplies by caring for others and forget to stay topped up to take care of our own emotional needs

Self-care is most definitely not selfish, for you, our key workers, it is absolutely essential.

By looking after your well-being, making sure you are 100% healthy and happy, you can give so much more to the people that you are supporting at 100%

As an experienced Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and Master Teacher Healer, I teach people all over the UK to how to ‘Think and Heal Yourself Happy’. It would be a privilege to help and support our key workers too.

In my experience, one solution does not always suit all people or all problems. My emotional well-being toolbox is full of authentic holistic therapies to suit your every need.

It is as unique as YOU are.

Let’s move YOU to the front of the queue, leave the Covid Chaos at the door and put your life jacket on by looking after YOU!

YOU too can feel the benefits of restful and restorative sleep, relaxation, relief from stress & anxiety. Enjoy increased energy, positivity, calmness, inner peace and most of all let go and release fear-based thoughts and emotions.

By learning how to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy’ too!

If YOU are ready to begin your personal healing journey, book your FREE 15 minute chemistry call TODAY.

I am available for YOU  ‘online’ and ‘In person’ at Colwyn Bay, Conwy, North Wales and surrounding areas.

Client Feedback

Gill Winter, Well-Being Matters Project Manager, NEWCIS

“It’s been a pleasure working with Michelle and the services she has provided have been incredibly well received. The feedback many of our officers has been really encouraging so much so they actively promote the service as they know it gets results. The Carers themselves have had some amazing results in very short spaces of time and have been recommending her to others. Michelle provides a very professionally managed service from acknowledging referrals to active service delivery which, as a service manager, is so very much appreciated.”

Key Worker

“Michelle is excellent at picking up a person’s energy which enables her to read the emotions which one may be feeling. She has an empathic approach which makes you feel completely relaxed and understood, and I feel that this insight, along with her knowledge and experience are what makes a visit to this lovely, warm therapist and person worthwhile. She has helped me get through an extremely difficult time emotionally, and shown me ways to deal with my stress, which came about through transference of working within mental health. Thank you so much Michelle!”

Key Worker

“I had such a wonderful relaxing distance healing from Michelle this evening, experiencing a vivid deep blue light and a great sense of calming, ready for a good night sleep, thank you so much Michelle.”

Resident Feedback, The Cottage Nursing Home

“I find Reiki healing very relaxing; I have had it over the years and I still use my crystals now. During my sessions with Michelle I have felt warmth and tingling in my limbs, on one occasion I opened my eyes to see if I was actually standing up. I felt that I could walk away. On another occasion I had to ask Michelle if she had moved my arm as I felt s though it had been lifted high.”

Resident Feedback, The Cottage Nursing Home

“I look forward to my Reiki healing sessions with Michelle, I suffer with a lot of pain in my body especially my legs and feet. When I have Reiki healing it eases my pain and clears my mind, I feel much more relaxed. I feel the negative energy being swept away, feeling heat from my head to my toes, which is very comforting.