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Matters of the Heart

We are all blessed with a built in Emotional Guidance Scale which is your body’s way of letting YOU know how YOU are feeling. Once YOU are aware of your emotional state, it can be used as your innate ‘knowing’ to guide YOU away from Fear towards Love

Being tuned in to your emotions will help YOU to control your thoughts, feelings, and actions towards enjoying a healthy state of Well-being and living a happy lifestyle.

Would YOU like….

  • To feel more confident and to increase your self-esteem?
  • To learn holistic life skills which will help you to combat anxiety, fear, pain or depression yourself?
  • To live your best life feeling more energised and motivated throughout your day?
  • To let go of any negative emotions trapped in your body?
  • To watch those extra LBS melt away without having to deprive yourself or count calories?
  • To enjoy the benefits of believing in YOU?
  • To experience self-love?
  • To feel supported with grief or loss during this difficult time
  • To shift your emotions around the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • To learn life skills to “Think & Heal Yourself Happy?”

*Trapped emotions, negative thoughts, and suppressed trauma buried deep inside your body & mind will manifest as illness, pain or even disease (DIS-ease a body not at ease).

If YOU answered YES to any of the above, my Emotional Guidance Sessions are for YOU

Take control of your emotions, let go of all negative thoughts and feelings.  Enjoy a more positive YOU!

*Following your free Chemistry Call, the next step will be to book your Consultation Appointment. During your consultation appointment we will prepare your Healing Plan tailored to suit your needs.

Available as a group program for organisations or as private, individual bookings. ‘Online’ and ‘In Person’ North Wales and surrounding areas.

Client Feedback

“I am so grateful to Michelle. I started having reiki with her around two years ago and the experience was amazing. Since lockdown I have struggled to keep my anxiety at bay and felt I needed to see Michelle, but of course that wasn’t possible, so we had an Emotional Guidance coaching session via zoom and it made such a difference! Since then we’ve had a follow up session call every couple of months, they keep me grounded and clear my head and reset my mind and attitude to face the next few weeks of lockdown, home-schooling and missing people. I sleep so much better and feel so much more relaxed after my calls with her. Whatever is going on in your life, I can’t recommend her enough. Thanks so much Michelle.”

“Michelle is excellent at picking up a person’s energy which enables her to read the emotions which one may be feeling. She has an empathic approach which makes you feel completely relaxed and understood, and I feel that this insight, along with her knowledge and experience are what makes a visit to this lovely, warm therapist and person worthwhile. She has helped me get through an extremely difficult time emotionally, and shown me ways to deal with my stress, which came about through transference of working within mental health. Thank you so much Michelle!”

“I first met Michelle at an event last year, her positive energy, enthusiasm and knowledge took me away, I instantly felt very comfortable with her and knew she was the right person to explore reiki treatments with. My confidence levels were low, I wasn’t sleeping well and felt anxious. Michelle instantly made me feel at ease and explained how reiki worked. I now have regular treatments and feel so much better, its like being on a journey and each time I get a little closer to where I want to be.  Michelle, you are one amazing lady, thank you xx.”