Born to Love YOU

Have you ever watched a baby sleeping, they are so peaceful we do not like to disturb them? Their little chests moving up and down as they breathe. A baby giggle is so full of joy, their eyes full of wonder, little fingers reaching out to clasp your hand.

YOU were born happy; YOU had no fear & only love in your heart too.

Babies love themselves; they will kiss their reflection in a mirror, they are loved, happy and constantly told how clever and how beautiful they are. They are encouraged to get up and try again – we do not tell them they are stupid or ugly or fat we nurture them and give them love so that they can grow strong.

And then they grow, and they hear, take in whatever is going on in their environment. They go to school and do not get picked for a team, they might not score as high in a spelling test, they are told NO and experience rejection and in creeps fear….

Then they grow again, and it continues with relationships, jobs, setbacks.

And here we are many years later with all sorts of fears, failures and experiences under our belt and it is now us that tell ourselves that we are stupid, ugly, fat….and so it is …the downward spiral begins!

Fear is a learned behaviour – we are not born scared to live.

You were born happy; you deserve to be happy – it is your divine right to live happy and feel good!

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