12 Steps to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy’



1/ Why YOU Matter

YOU are a human being but are you a well-being…? Discover how living in an emotional state of fear effects your mind and body. How your thoughts and words reach your inner child, and how negative emotions can manifest as ailments and disease – a body not at ‘ease’ in later life. YOU are important!


2/ Self-love is for YOU

Discover why YOU struggle to give yourself the love YOU so freely give to others. How the thoughts we give out become our life experiences. Learn how to allow love to flow freely from YOU and to YOU. Embrace how life looks without limiting beliefs and learned behaviours holding us back. YOU deserve to feel love!


3/ Emotional Guidance

YOU can learn how to be aware of your personal emotional state and use your intuition as your innate ‘knowing’ to guide YOU away from spiralling into a state of anxiety and overwhelm.

Being tuned in to your emotions will guide YOU to be in control your thoughts, feelings, and actions and enjoying a healthy state of well-being. YOU are the creator of your own destiny!


4/ Raising Your Vibration

If YOU are feeling anything other than an emotion of Love, then your body is sending YOU a warning that YOU need to take action to shift your energy to a higher vibration.

Learning how to do more of what makes YOU happy and practicing Self Love can change your life. YOU will feel so happy that YOU may never willingly waste a moment of your precious time ever again. YOU deserve to be happy now!


5/ Limiting Beliefs

All negative thoughts and beliefs hold YOU back from reaching your greatest potential. Repeated negative thoughts are reinforced into our mind as Limiting Beliefs, resulting in negative behaviour – and so the pattern begins to gain momentum

It is never too late to learn how to dissolve negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts and behaviours. This step will shift your emotions to a higher vibration to allow YOU feel happiness again. YOU can do this!


6/ Positive Affirmations

YOU can take this step to release negative thoughts, habits and limiting beliefs that no longer serve YOU in a simple, effective, and a positive way

Learn how repeating positive statements about your life is a fabulous way to erase old patterns stuck in your energy field holding YOU back. Feel free from negativity and begin to take control of your life in a positive frame of mind. YOU are enough!


7/ From Fear to Faith

YOU have taken the steps to understand the mind, body and spirit connection. YOU know what has been holding you back from your true self. YOU are ready to decide to be happy now! Take your next step forward and leave your fears behind. Learn how to have faith in yourself and to believe and trust that the universe has your back. YOU are not alone!


8/ Release & Forgive

Well done, YOU have come this far and are feeling more positive about yourself. Now it is time to take the step to let go of anything that no longer serves YOU. Learn how to clear your energy field of all past negative patterns. Release any remaining negativity and forgive and free yourself from fear related thoughts and feelings for your highest good. YOU are a free spirit!


9/ Believe in YOU

YOU are feeling more in control and beginning to realise what YOU are capable of. YOU step out of your comfort zone; your imposter syndrome strikes instantly and your self-esteem wobbles slightly. Fear not, you are building your toolbox in the perfect time and are ready to take the next step to work on your self-belief. YOU got this!


10/ When YOU Visualise YOU Materialise!”

YOU are bursting with self-confidence; your days are full of positive thoughts and YOU feel like YOU could achieve anything YOU set your mind to!

Do YOU know what You really want…? Are YOU clear on how YOU would feel if it came true..? Can YOU see the path YOU need to take to get there..?

Take a step forward, welcome to your life, tap into the feeling of joy and bring your wildest dreams to life! YOU are worthy of a life worth living!


11/ Heal your Life

YOU are almost there, YOU have taken the steps to free yourself from all your past experiences, fears, limiting beliefs and negative patterns. YOU are feeling the benefits from the lessons learned so far

Now, it is time to learn how to rest and reflect and to heal from what YOU have experienced. This gentle step will support YOU in your healing journey. Healing is believing in YOU!


12/ Think Yourself Happy

Congratulations! YOU are the proud owner of your very own self-healing tool kit. Your final lesson is to tune in, tap in and turn on to your inner guidance. It is time to check in, step out and create your destiny

YOU are perfectly equipped with your emotional well-being tools to heal your life. YOU can now really begin to ‘Think & Heal Yourself Happy’


Available as a group program for organisations or as private, individual bookings. ‘Online’ and ‘In Person’ North Wales and surrounding areas.

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